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Welcome to Radio Free Icons, an R.E.M. icon community! This community is for posting icons dealing with the band R.E.M. This community is open to anyone who would like to join, but please read the rules and guidelines that are found on this page before joining and/or posting.

  • This community is for icon posting only. Any discussion about the band or its members should be done in the appropriate community (try cuyahoga or stipe_daily or mills_daily).

  • If you have more than three or four icons, or any animations, please put them under an LJ-cut tag.

  • Requests for icons are allowed but please be respectful when making a request, and be as specific as possible about what you want. If there is a specific image you want made into an icon, please place it behind an LJ-cut.

  • If an icon maker asks for credit, please give it to them. It is inconsiderate to use an icon made by someone else and refuse them credit.

  • Do not hotlink.

  • Trolling is not permitted. We hope we don't need to say any more than that. Trolls will be banned, no questions asked.

    For more information about icon etiquette, please read this guide by teh_indy.

    Your moderators are ezzvaldez and brakspants.