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R.E.M. Icons

Recent Entries

1/13/08 03:33 pm - thehourhas7days - Stipe Icons

12 icons of Michael Stipe.
They're pretty basic, so I will allow the textless ones to be used as bases.

All icons here @ thehourhas7days.
Please comment & credit if you take!
Feel free to friend me for updates!

5/27/07 09:45 am - thehourhas7days - 12 R.E.M. icons

{12 icons} R.E.M.

Includes icons of all members.


rev. howard finster's elvis at 3; it's a beautiful work of artCollapse )

3/31/07 08:55 pm - thehourhas7days - colourbar with a 'u' & no colours...

An R.E.M. colourbar! With no colours....... Feel free to use, just credit thehourhas7days.

Opinions? I hope this is allowed in this community. If not, so sorry.


2/9/07 09:23 pm - thehourhas7days - Mike & Michael

9 icons. Oddly enough, only Mike & Michael.

5 are from the GA Hall of Fame Induction.
2 are from a candid Mike Mills shot.
2 are of Michael from AFTP.

Enjoy! Comments are appeciated & necessary if you are taking. :-)

7/22/06 10:03 pm - thehourhas7days - 3 Icons - Stipe & Buck

Hey guys this is my 1st post here as well as my 1st attempt at R.E.M. icons. What do you think?

1 2 3

I absolutley adooore this photo. It's so cute.


4/6/06 05:01 pm - xkyrie_eleisonx

18 icons from the "Losing My Religion" music video.

Image hosting by Photobucket Image hosting by Photobucket Image hosting by Photobucket



2/6/06 07:32 am - princess_kierra - my first icon making attempt.

1.Image hosting by Photobucket2.Image hosting by Photobucket3.Image hosting by Photobucket

The first 2 are lyrics from 7 Chinese Bros. The second one's base is from colorfilter. The third one is a screen cap from the Losing My Religion video. I think the 3rd is my favorite. All were made in Paint Shop Pro 9.

5/31/05 02:08 am - ezzvaldez - Lyrics icons

[ 20 ] Assorted lyrics icons (R.E.M., Enya, Coldplay, Gwen Stefani)

- Comment and don't forget to credit valdezicons or ezzvaldez in your icon keywords.
- Do not alter or edit any of the icons.
- Read all of the rules on the userinfo page.  Credits and resources may also be found there.
- If you like what you see, feel free to friend valdezicons.


( See the rest here )

4/24/05 09:03 pm - brakspants - 3 Michael

Just a few Michael icons, because I was bored.

-Credit brakspants
-Don't hotlink!

1. 2. 3.

4/2/05 03:42 pm - ezzvaldez - imad 2005

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