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4/2/05 03:42 pm - ezzvaldez - imad 2005

3/14/05 06:55 pm - brakspants - Friends Only Banners

Someone requested some friends only banners a while ago, and I finally got around to making some!

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3/6/05 10:25 pm - ezzvaldez - Time to vote!

Not many entries again!  Everybody can vote, even if you did not enter an icon.  Vote for three icons, for first, second, and third place.  If you entered an icon, you may vote for yourself only once if you truly feel your icon is one of the best.  Also, do not tell your friends to come and vote for you.  You will be disqualified for compromising the anonymity of the entries if you do so.

1. 2.

3. 4. 5.

6.   7.

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3/6/05 05:19 pm - ezzvaldez - Last reminder

Entries for Icon Challenge #3 (Mike Mills) are due in less than five hours, at 10 pm EST.  See this entry for details.

You know you want to enter!

3/3/05 12:48 am - ezzvaldez - Just a reminder...

Entries for Icon Challenge #3 (Mike Mills) are due this Sunday, March 6, at 10 pm EST.  See this entry for details.

2/22/05 11:03 pm - ezzvaldez - Icon Challenge #3

I know we're all concerned about Mike and we hope that he feels better soon.  Maybe he will convalesce quickly if we make icons in his honor.  :P

So, we give you the theme of Icon Challenge #3...Mike Mills!

The Rules - Please read carefully. If you don't follow them, your entry may be disqualified.

  • This is a cap challenge. Using the images provided, you may create up to two icons--one for each picture.  Do not blend the two together or make two icons from the same picture.  Brushes, text, and animation are allowed for this challenge.
  • You may enter up to two icons, which must be LJ-usable (100x100 pixels/40 kb or less).
  • Post your entry (or entries) in a comment to this post. All comments/entries will be screened (this means when we vote on the icons, the participants will be anonymous to the voters).
  • If you have a question, be sure to ask it in a comment separate from your entry.
  • Do not share or post your icon anywhere until after the voting is over and the winners have been announced. This maintains the anonymity of the entries.
  • Deadline is Sunday, March 6, at 10 pm EST.

If you don't have your own space to host your icons, you can e-mail your entry (or entries) to ezzvaldez(at)gmail.com or brakspants(at)livejournal.com.  Just be sure to include your username.

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Image #2Collapse )

Get well soon, Mike!

2/19/05 02:52 am - izzybeth

a few more for your perusal:

moreCollapse )

2/15/05 03:29 pm - brakspants

Just one today. Mike playing Let Me In. *drool*

2/14/05 09:48 pm - izzybeth

hi. new girl. ::dumbass grin:: love R.E.M., always have for as long as i can remember.

i've poked around in this community for a bit, and the icons here are gorgeous. so here are my kinda pathetic offerings. they're not the greatest, but i like playing with PSP.

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2/13/05 10:42 am - wickedprincess3 - 12 R.E.M. icons

12 R.E.M. icons at my journal here (also contains Btvs/Ats, Garden State, and Dawson's Creek icons). There's also an older post with a few R.E.M. icons here.

Comments are much appreciated, credit is great but not required.

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